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Detailed call history — With mSpy you can now find out who your child calls, and receives calls from. You can even find out the date, time and duration of the phone calls.

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  • Keylogger — The keylogger feature makes a record of all the keys that are pressed on the Android device, giving you information about what is being searched for and texted by your child on the device. Further, rooting is not necessary for the app to be installed, and only becomes relevant if you wish to monitor WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger usage. Try the demo offer today , and avail of attractive discounts over the holiday season to get the very best deal on mSpy! Coming in at Rank 2, we have Hoverwatch, the hottest phone tracking software in the market that will solve all your WhatsApp monitoring needs for the years to come.

    Below, you can find a comprehensive list of the cutting edge features offered in the Premium version of Hoverwatch. WhatsApp messaging tracker — With this tracker you have the capability of accessing all the files and messages that are exchanged on WhatsApp with a detailed summary of the time and date when the messages are sent or received. In addition, Hoverwatch allows you to view all the images and videos that are exchanged on WhatsApp, while also giving you the option to record the VoIP calls made using the application.

    Remain invisible — Hoverwatch remains completely hidden from the user of the device, and it makes no difference if the user is tech savvy and technologically aware since Hoverwatch remains entirely undetectable from even the most experienced users. Monitor messages and calls — Hoverwatch comes with a built in tracker for calls and messages that records all incoming and outgoing calls, and allows you to view all the text messages and MMS messages that are sent and received from the device being monitored. Geo-location — With Hoverwatch, you can now determine and accurately view the location of the device being tracked.

    You can have access to the real time location, as well as the accumulated data of the location history of the target device. Keylogger — The power packed Hoverwatch also comes with a built in keylogger which enables you to see a detailed record of all the buttons that are pressed by the device owner, giving you access to the passwords, messages and much more.

    Track to-do tasks — The app records all the notes and tasks that are saved by the user on the calendar of the device being tracked, including appointments, reminders and itineraries.

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    Browser history — In an interesting feature, the app also saves the entire history of the websites that are visited by the owner of the monitored device. Hoverwatch is an incredibly popular application that has been installed by over 12 million users across the world and is available in two plans, personal and family. At Rank 3, we have FlexiSpy, an app that is suitable for all your WhatsApp tracking needs if you wish to keep a tab on the cellphones of your employees, kids, or your significant other. In order to track WhatsApp activity on a device, you must install FlexiSpy on a compatible rooted Android or iPhone device, and voila, you now have access to the tracking data on your user portal or Flexispy application.

    The WhatsApp tracker offered by FlexiSpy is versatile, and gives you the capability of monitoring all the incoming and outgoing messages from the target device, as well as the multimedia files and emojis, even if these messages and files are subsequently deleted from the phone.

    In addition, you can also record the calls that are made using WhatsApp on the target device, despite the protection of end-to-end encryption. Here are some of the incredible features offered by the Extreme version of FlexySpy. Support for Android Nougat — FlexiSpy comes with a whole array of improvements and feature updates that are fully compatible with Android Nougat 7.

    Call interception — The app comes with a unique feature which allows you to listen in on, and record conversations as they are taking place from the monitored device. You can even receive a detailed summary of the places visited by them throughout the day.

    WhatsApp Spy: How to spy on WhatsApp Accounts & Messages

    It is very easy to use. It can be used to monitor more than just WhatsApp messages. You can monitor SMS, call logs, emails, location tracking and other app data such as Skype and Viber. Now let's learn the detailed steps regarding WhatsApp monitoring. On the PanSpy website , create a PanSpy account to sign up for the service and purchase the subscription you will need.

    Get 2 Way to Spy on WhatsApp Messages without Target Phone

    After you select one of the three plans on offer, you will then need to register PanSpy and download the app on your target device. You need to install PanSpy on the target device to access its data.

    Whatsapp Spy - How to spy on whatsapp messages (IOS & ANDROID) MAY 2019

    Visit www. Then follow the instructions to authorize PanSpy and start the app. Choose to keep or remove the app icon after installation. Now head to the PanSpy dashboard on PC and click on WhatsApp messages from the left hand pane to get a list of all sent and received messages. Do you have any trust issues with your partner? Do you think that your teen kids are chatting with someone till late night?

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    Are your employees have teamed up with your rival and share your vital documents? There are several reason why you may feel the need to track WhatsApp messages be it for personal or business purposes. No matter what, the solution above could remove your worries instantly. Step 1: Create An Account.