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Monitor text messages on Kid's Android Social networking and messaging apps have become the major mode of communication these days. Spyzie Spyzie is one of the popularly used parental control app that is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. Key Features: The app allows to read all the messages on your kids device including sent, received, as well as deleted ones You can monitor the sent as well as received texts on your kids social media account like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and others GPS tracking is also enabled Allows checking the chronological log of all the calls on your kids phone Allows checking the URLs visited by your kid All photos and videos can also be monitored 3.

Key Features: Allows to monitor all the sent and received messages on your kids phone Allows setting time limits for the data usage on phone Facilitates blocking phone number and apps which seems unsafe for your kids Allows locking the device for the certain time of the day like bedtime or study time Allows to check your kids real-time location 4. Qustodio The app is designed with features to ensure your kids safety from various online issues. Key Features: Allows you to check who your kid is calling or texting the most.

Facilitates reading all the text messages on his phone. You can even create a list of contacts to be blocked. Allows setting time for which games and apps can be accessed. You can even block the apps if needed Facilitates tracing the location of your child. A panic button is also present in case of emergencies Allows blocking inappropriate content even in the private browsing mode Set schedule and time limit for which internet can be accessed 5.

With the app, you get the complete report of sent and received messages including name, number, time, and date.


Facilitates setting time limits for which you child can access the phone The Bedtime control helps to restrict the screen time during the sleeping time Allows setting Geo-fences where you will get alert when your kid enter or leave those places Live location tracking Allows to block games and apps 6.

WebWatcher Another name in the list of popularly used text message monitoring app for android is WebWatcher. Key Features: Allows to log into the history of SMS and MMS to have complete details about the messages Facilitates checking call , app, and web site history Pornographic sites are automatically blocked because of its patent-pending web filtering technology Allows setting a blacklist and whitelist for websites Apps can be blocked and you can also set the daily time limit for accessing them Fixing a block time for all the apps and other activities like bedtime, study time, and others 8.

Key features: Allows to check the SMS received on your kids phone including the ones deleted Monitor Whatsapp messages received and sent Allows monitoring incoming and outgoing calls Monitor social media posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other accounts Allows checking photo and video logs Keep track of the websites visited and other URLs Free lifetime upgrades 9.

MMGuardian This is an advanced parental control app that is available for Android and iOS devices and allows monitoring your kids phone through comprehensive reports, call and SMS blocking, web filtering, text monitoring, and other functions.

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Detailed SMS report can also be generated. There is also a feature where you can set keywords which when received in a message will send you an alert Allows blocking apps and limiting their usage and access time Facilitates blocking calls and SMS from specific numbers as listed The app generates complete and comprehensive reports that allows checking all the areas of your kids activities on phone Allows to filter the websites and URL to block unsafe and adult content Mobile Spy Using this app, you can monitor the phone or your kids and others in a safe and advanced manner.

Key Features: Allows monitoring sent as well as received text messages on your kids phone Installed apps can be tracked using the app Live location tracking through GPS Get the logs of the activities from social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and others Get alerts for Geofencing, intrusion, and custom alerts Photo log and call logs can also be accessed. Related Articles. Best 10 Network Monitoring Apps for Android of android network monitor.

Best Monitoring Apps for Android android monitoring software. Mobicip lets you lock down individual apps or the whole phone from the parent app on your phone, making it easy to monitor conversations, images, and more. Screen Pin is a simple tool already included with your Android phone. Even phone calls and missed message alerts won't pop up while the cell phone is in pin mode. Screen pin is really useful when letting toddlers use your phone or tablet for playing games in a waiting room or during quiet time since they can't wander away from the one allowed app.

Because you can lock down the Google Play app, too, this means kiddos can't accidentally make in-app purchases either.

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You can also use Android Screen Pin on older children's phones and lockdown every app to deter them from using their phone during family time, bedtime, or while they're doing homework. You do need to set this up directly on their cell phone, which may result in a bit of a power struggle, especially since you will need to reset the phone's passcode so your child can't access and turn off the pin. Because of this, it may be better to use a parental control app that you can use from your phone. Screen Pin is a helpful tool in a pinch, especially since it is free.

However, it isn't as flexible as other cell phone locking apps. It doesn't have other security features like content blocking, activity monitoring or time controls. This tool is included under the security setting of your Android device and lets you pin open a single app that is okay for your child to use. Though not intended to be used for parental control, you can use this app to lock down individual programs on your child's phone so they can't be accessed until the correct passcode is entered.

AppLock has a scrambled keyboard so you can set up a password and your child won't be able to crack it by watching your hand movements. It doesn't take a lot to set up; just an email address for verification. AppLock includes a vault to secure sensitive information, like documents or images, and a safe browser that works a little bit like a VPN where browser history can't be traced. While these features are good privacy features, we don't recommend allowing children access to them because it would make it more difficult for you to keep tabs on what they're doing with their phone when they're allowed full access.

You can't control when to lock and unlock apps from a parent device, so you will need to physically have your child's phone in your hand. Also, this only locks down apps. There are no time controls or content filtering. The free version of this app is really ad-heavy and does tend to cause devices to run a little bit slower. AppLock blocks individual apps that can only be accessed with a password, but it doesn't have other features like content filtering. Offtime lets you lock down individual apps, or your child's entire phone, for a designated time frame.

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Once the time is up, Offtime unlocks the apps and your child is free to use them again. This is a handy tool to use with teens who need access to some apps, like their calculator, during homework, but don't need the distraction of social media, games, or texting. You can set Offtime up each time you need to use it to lock down the phone for an hour or two, but you can also set the app to block off the same chunk of time each day. For example, if you know dinner time is a each evening, you can ask Offtime to lock down all apps on your child's phone during that time every day to encourage them to eat with the family.

This app is popular among college-age kids, too, who no longer need parents to keep a close eye on them. They use this app on their own when they need to tune out distractions and focus more on studying, which is a great way to build better time management skills and stay focused on what's most important.

There's a free version and a pro version available. Offtime is a good app for locking down your child's phone while helping them learn time management skills.

How to Monitor Text Messages on Android

Qustodio doesn't take screenshots of your child's phone and it has fewer filter categories than Mobicip, but Qustodio has a panic button, which is a great way for your child to get a hold of you quickly. Using the GPS on your child's phone, Qustodio will send you the location of where your child is when they hit the panic button icon. This is an excellent way for kids to let you discreetly know they need help because they are lost or at a party that's getting a little out of hand.

This app also has time controls and app blocking so you can shut down the entire phone or just certain apps when your child needs to take a break from their screen. When they're online, you can select filter categories, like pornography, alcohol, or news, and Qustodio will prevent your kids from access those types of sites.

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This is a great tool for blocking social media sites, too, so your kids can't access them through the apps or through an internet browser. All text messages your child receives or sends with their phone are captured, so you can see what they're sharing with others and if others talking with them are being appropriate.

Qustodio will let you know if an image was sent or received through text message, but it won't show them to you. And since it doesn't have screenshot capabilities, you can't capture interactions this way, either.

With Qustodio you can see where your child is and they can quickly call you for help, but you can also block access to apps, too. Surfie is another great app that lets you lock down your child's phone when they should be focusing on other tasks. You don't need to hold your child's phone for this to work, but rather lock down apps, including the ability to text, from the parent app on your phone.

The app's best feature is keyword monitoring. You can designate specific words and phrases for Surfie to watch for in texts, email, instant messages, and posted on social media sites. Some words are already set up in the app, like "don't tell" or "home alone" or "send me a picture.

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When Surfie recognizes one of these monitored phrases being sent to or from your child, it immediately shuts down the messaging app your child is using and blocks them from using texting, too. You're sent a notice through the parent app with the entire conversation transcription and information of the person your child is chatting with so you can decide if they can continue talking with your child or not. Surfie comes with time controls that lock down your child's phone during specified times of the day. This makes it easy to keep kids off their phones at bedtimes, school hours, while chores and homework are getting done, and during family time.

You can block inappropriate content from being viewed in browsers using filter categories, but Surfie doesn't have as many filters as other programs. However, you can add specific URLs to a block list. Surfie shuts down messaging and texting on your child's phone when a cyberbully or creeper uses inappropriate language. I've been testing cell phone monitoring and locking apps for nearly five years and recently tested close to two dozen of them. Mobicip is by far the best.

It is powerful in locking down individual apps, or the entire phone, blocking inappropriate content and monitoring what your child is doing online or within apps on their phones. While you do need to physically install the monitoring app on your child's cell phone, you can control when it is locked down from your own.

My favorite feature is keyword monitoring, which watched out for cyberbullying and internet creepers by alerting you when certain, dangerous works or phrases are sent to or from your child in either text messages or instant messages. Another quick fix is the Screen pin feature already included as part of your Android phone system.

This locks down every app except for the one currently open. I like this tool when I'm letting small children use my phone to prevent them from wandering into programs too mature for them or accidentally making any in-app purchases. However, you do need to physically have hold of the phone and designated each individual app to be blocked for the app to work right.