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After android phone is given they have stopped talking on his phone. But am not able to solve. Can anybody help me. My husband and his family are cheating me so I want to know about him plans And I want to listen him call and chat So anybody can help me please. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Why You Need to Spy on live Phone Calls

I'm not an expert, but I did read something about this written by a guy who claimed to be an expert. According to them one if not the reason the speech is sent up to the cloud is to protect the speech recognition software from being torn apart and analysed. His assertion was that training the various parts of the recognition ware was very expertise and resource heavy but that RUNNING it afterwards was not.

Not sure how true that is but it sounds plausible for a huge service that has to scale out. I'd be willing to bet it could be reasonably run locally. I think image recognition would be more difficult than speech recognition, and google's already made some pretty good progress in getting that to work offline.

I've got a pixel 3 will the Playground camera mode ie: altered reality. The following worked shortly after it came out but Playground doesn't seem to offer automatic suggestions anymore, so I don't believe you can recreate this. I removed my sim card and unplugged my wifi access point so. Sure you can run speech recognition fairly easily on slow hardware even a raspberryPi. The big advantages for running on a server is you can keep updating the model with new data and do all sorts of fun lookups.

The models generally are very large so transferring those would use a lot of bandwidth and take up a lot of local storage. Re:difference between can , may, and must Score: 5 , Funny. Re: difference between can , may, and must Score: 3. He said exactly that Partial is a subset of total. So can you be partially correct if you are also totally correct? You can't prove a negative Score: 5 , Insightful. I'm not sure how to tell you this, but you can't prove a negative At least not this way.

That is not in question. Re:You can't prove a negative Score: 5 , Interesting. Proving a how a coin landed isn't "proving a negative. Here's a horse. I've proved horses exist. Prove unicorns don't exist. Here's no unicorn. I haven't proved anything. Here's the universe. Here's the arrangement of atoms indicated by the word "unicorn". No match found. It's a little computationally intense though.

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This is exactly what you would expect Score: 5 , Funny. This is exactly what you would expect someone to say if they were actually secretly listening to everything and everyone. Google Score: 5 , Interesting. It must be a total coincidence I personally talk about coconuts about times a day. And it never asked me about coconuts. So it must not be listening. This study doesnt prove much IMHO. They can easily spot recordings Re:Google Score: 4 , Interesting.

Are our phones listening to us? | TechRadar

A household averages about 1. S, that's 11 billion trips to the grocery store per year. Figure Google has been running this program where it asks you about places you've visited for about 5 years that's when I sorta recall it starting. That's 55 billion trips. That's 4. That's million queries about a specific item. A supermarket carries about 30, items [fmi. If you figure roughly 10 brands or sizes per item, that's about categories of items. Figure on average people pick up a dozen items at the grocery store per trip.. Figure on average people ask for help finding an item about every 10 trips.

So the odds of a query being for an item you asked about is 0.

Is Facebook listening to your conversations?

The latest stats I could find say Slashdot gets 3. So figure it's around half a million per day.

Before you continue...

That's 0. So of the half million Slashdot readers who read this story, just by chance alone, 0. Figure only 1 in readers are the type who will post a comment. So on average you'd expect 1. Although now that I've said this, it may provoke some of the others to post Congratulations.

You are that 1 person. And yet Score: 5 , Interesting. Re:And yet Score: 4 , Insightful. When data mining makes a plausible hit in identifying an ad target, it can feel spooky. Some flaws in the study Score: 2. Re:Some flaws in the study Score: 4 , Insightful.

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FAR too much anecdotal evidence and personal experience Exactly! The first thing they teach when talking about proofs and theorems: It doesn't matter how many times your experiment yields the same answers, one "wrong" one still disproves the theory. I understand that examples like this [vice. Those, along with my personal observations, are enough to invalidate their "proof" that phone's aren't listening.

I would willingly bet money that in the near future someone smarter than I am will reveal damni. Ok, maybe show one study that they are listening? You weren't taught very well if you weren't taught to look for alternatives for the 1 in 1 thousand times you saw a different result. This was a sample size of TWO. Over a very, very short period.

Not a thousand. For anoth.

Re: Score: 3 , Insightful. Are there any other studies? Score: 2.

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It would seem like an easy thing to test for - leave various apps running and talk about something new - so where are all the studies? Who sponsored this research? Score: 3. It's the government you should watch out for!

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