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Android 8. This document highlights what's new for developers.

Make sure to also check out Android 8. PIP is a special type of multi-window mode mostly used for video playback. When an activity is in PIP mode, it is in the paused state, but should continue showing content. For this reason, you should make sure your app does not pause playback in its onPause handler. Instead, you should pause video in onStop , and resume playback in onStart. For more information, see Multi-Window Lifecycle. Beginning with Android 8. This object specifies properties such as the activity's preferred aspect ratio. In addition, Android 8. The specified activity is placed in a corner of the screen; the rest of the screen is filled with the previous activity that was on screen.

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The activity entering PIP mode goes into the paused state, but remains started. If the user taps the PIP activity, the system shows a menu for the user to interact with; no touch events reach the activity while it is in the PIP state. In Android 8. These changes include:. Users can long-press on app launcher icons to view notifications in Android 8.

Account creation, login, and credit card transactions take time and are prone to errors. Users can easily get frustrated with apps that require these types of repetitive tasks.

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Existing and new apps work with Autofill Framework after the user opts in to autofill. You can take some steps to optimize how your app works with the framework. For more information, see Autofill Framework Overview. This feature reduces your APK size, increases the app installation success rate, and allows multiple apps to share the same font. For more information about downloading fonts, refer to Downloadable Fonts. This means, there is no need to bundle fonts as assets. Fonts are compiled in R file and are automatically available in the system as a resource.

You can then access these fonts with the help of a new resource type, font.

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The Support Library 26 provides full support to this feature on devices running API versions 14 and higher. For more information, about using fonts as resources and retrieving system fonts, see Fonts in XML. This means, it is much easier to optimize the text size on different screens or with dynamic content. For more information, about autosizing TextView in Android 8.

Adaptive icons Android 8. Adaptive icons support visual effects, and can display a variety of shapes across different device models. To learn how to create adaptive icons, see the Adaptive Icons guide. Android developers of imaging apps can now take advantage of new devices that have a wide-gamut color capable display. These APIs, which improve your app's stability and security, include the following:. In your app, you can create pinned shortcuts and widgets for supported launchers, subject to user permission.

For more information, see the Pinning Shortcuts and Widgets feature guide. First, Android 8. In addition, in Android 8. For more information about declaring maximum aspect ratio, see Supporting Multiple Screens. If an activity supports multi-window mode and is running on a device with multiple displays, users can move the activity from one display to another. When an app launches an activity, the app can specify which display the activity should run on.

Note: If an activity supports multi-window mode, Android 8. You should test your app to make sure it works adequately in a multi-display environment. Only one activity at a time can be in the resumed state, even if the app has multiple displays. The activity with focus is in the resumed state; all other visible activities are paused, but not stopped. For more information on the activity lifecycle when several activities are visible, see Multi-Window Lifecycle.

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When a user moves an activity from one display to another, the system resizes the activity and issues runtime changes as necessary. Your activity can handle the configuration change itself, or it can allow the system to destroy the process containing your activity and recreate it with the new dimensions. For more information, see Handling Configuration Changes. ActivityOptions provides two new methods to support multiple displays:.

The adb shell is extended to support multiple displays. The shell start command can now be used to launch an activity, and to specify the activity's target display:. Specifically, you can now use the following attributes in your layout XML files:. You can set these values yourself, in addition to the new vertical and horizontal layout attributes, to create layout behavior that depends on the text direction.

Some apps, such as games, remote desktop, and virtualization clients, greatly benefit from getting control over the mouse pointer. Pointer capture is a new feature in Android 8. Starting in Android 8. The mouse pointer is hidden while in this mode. The view can release pointer capture when it doesn't need the mouse information anymore. The system can also release pointer capture when the view loses focus, for example, when the user opens another app. For information on how to use this feature in your app, see Pointer capture.

These categories are used to cluster together apps of similar purpose or function when presenting them to users, such as in Data Usage, Battery Usage, or Storage Usage.

The new home screen organizes video content in rows corresponding to channels, which are each populated with programs by an app on the system. Apps can publish multiple channels, and users can configure which channels that they wish to see on the home screen. The Android TV home screen also includes a Watch Next row, which is populated with programs from apps, based on the viewing habits of the user. Apps can also provide video previews, which are automatically played when a user focuses on a program.

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Seeking lets you set the position of the animation set to a specific point in time. Playing in reverse is useful if your app includes animations for actions that can be undone. Instead of defining two separate animation sets, you can play the same one in reverse. If an activity in your app uses a complex view hierarchy, such as the one in Figure 2, consider organizing groups of UI elements into clusters for easier keyboard navigation among them. Good examples of clusters include: side panels, navigation bars, main content areas, and elements that could contain many child elements.

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Note: Clusters cannot be nested, although non-nested clusters may appear at different levels of the hierarchy. If you attempt to nest clusters, the framework treats only the top-most ViewGroup element as a cluster. On devices that have touchscreens, you can set a cluster-designated ViewGroup object's android:touchscreenBlocksFocus element to true to allow cluster-only navigation into and out of that cluster. If you apply this configuration to a cluster, users cannot use the Tab key or arrow keys to navigate into or out of the cluster; they must press the cluster navigation keyboard combination instead.

Activities and services can use instances of TextToSpeech to dictate and pronounce content. As of Android 8.

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You can use this functionality to call attention to specific words as the text-to-speech engine speaks them. To use these text-to-speech engine improvements in your app, register an instance of UtteranceProgressListener. As part of the registration process, include a handler for the onRangeStart method. The text-to-speech engine calls rangeStart to record the point in time at which it expects audio playback of a specific range of text to start. When the audio for that text range starts playback, your app's onRangeStart method executes.